An amazing reaction!


Today I went out in the garage to break down some boxes.  The baby was sleeping and Yan was watching a video.  After a while she decided to come outside with me and see what she could explore.  She found a big dump truck and a ball to play with and took them for a ride in the driveway.  I was distracted for a moment when she started badgering me to “Look, look”.  The ball had rolled into the middle of the street and she wanted it back.

Do you know what this means?

Do you understand what an AMAZING act of self-restraint and awareness it was when she didn’t run after it???

Seriously, I almost flipped my gourd with excitement!  It’s moments like that, that I must make myself soak it all in.  She’s come so far!  She’s making wiser decisions everyday and I am so proud!

So, what’s an area that your child has finally progressed in that makes you want to jump for joy?  I’ll jump with you!



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