Diving in!


My family doesn’t look like many families.  Thus far, I’ve never found Prince Charming. Thankfully, God planted the idea of adoption in my heart and allowed me to create our little family.

In 2004, I adopted my first daughter, Yan from Hong Kong.  She is “chromosomally enhanced” (has Down Syndrome), congenital heart disease, sensory processing disorder and some anxious attachment issues.  But none of that defines her.  She is a feisty, fun and inquisitive, has the biggest heart ever, and keeps me on my toes constantly.

In 2011 I decided to take the plunge into our local foster-to-adopt program.  A couple of weeks after I was certified I received a phone call asking me if I was interested in a baby.  She was born with only a 20% chance to live as a micro premie with drug exposure.  When I met her in the hospital two days later, it was love at first sight.  I new she was mine.  However, it was a long road and there was so much drama; but finally in April of 2013, she became my daughter.  She is thriving and is a little spitfire!

After Yan came home I realized that I couldn’t do it all.  She was struggling and, above all, needed me.  She needed time to bond and learn and grow secure.  I put my career as Speech-Language Pathologist on hold and have done many different jobs from home, so that I could be with her, homeschool her and now be with Mady.  People constantly ask me how we survive.  Honestly, it’s a “God thing”.  Since He’s the one who started all this, He has been faithful to provide.

I have learned a lot along this journey, but want to learn more.  I felt like it was time that I shared and invited others to do the same.  So I will use this little platform to share our path.  The highs, the lows, and everything in between.  I’ve also wanted a way to share speech, language and learning information.  I’ve found, in my quest for an education for Yan, that the homeschool world is still lacking in the area of special needs.  I want to help fill in some of those gaps, so I will share what we do and helpful things that you might try with your kiddos who have special needs.

Please feel free to write me, I want to converse and learn from you as well!  Be Blessed!  Jenn


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